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Display The LG G3 features a IPS with 1440x2560 pixels. Verdict The LG G3 is a powerful Android device with a great screen. LG G3. Dimensions are pretty compact for the screen size, resulting in excellent screen to body size ratio. Technology - There are two main screen technologies currently used LG G3 Mini. Why do manufacturers always cut the heart out of the smaller screen variants? The back of the LG G3 has a metallic-finished back. The LG G3 has an insanely high-resolution screen. Can it compete with the other Android flagship smartphones? LG G3 Beat keeps the G3’s laser autofocus… Lg g3 mini g3 beat name 5 inch screen 8 megapixel camera 4g all rumored. So is it all marketing nonsense, or did LG win the resolution race? However, a curve made up of pixels exactly the same size might not look continuous as the pixels will produce a very subtle aliased (jaggy) edge. The G3 Screen. What we have here is the LG G3 Screen smartphone which the company has just unveiled, al Читать далее

Can you see the iTunes store? I& 039;ve got the same problem. i see my artists and songs, but when i try to connect, it says itunes is not reachable. Как создать бесплатную учетную запись iTunes или Apple iD без привязки к банковскому аккаунту. FIX iTunes cannot connect to iTunes store PROBLEM SOLVED. Cannot connect to MySQL server. ” When this error is encountered, there are typically two root causes for the issue: 1 – There is an Internet connection issue or 2 – There is a computer security application or other program blocking the connection between the iTunes application and the Apple servers. ” “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” Даже при скачанных приложениях прямо в стор на девайсе, при обновлений этих же apps, я вижу "Cannot connect to iTunes Store". Как починить это? При подключении шнурка напрямую iTunes работает нормально.